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Eric Rosenthal
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Cedar Rapids, IA 52402

Hello. I’m Peter Teahen, on behalf of Eric Rosenthal candidate for Linn County Supervisor.

Eric Rosenthal, experienced as a certified public accountant and financial auditor, understands how to examine million dollar budgets like we have in Linn County.

The Cedar Rapids Gazette endorsed Eric Rosenthal by writing:

“Rosenthal’s background and training in auditing and accounting, is more suitable to the county’s long-term flood recovery needs…..his expertise could lessen the county’s reliance on consultants and help maximize federal assistance, taking pressure off local taxpayers.”

Eric Rosenthal will continue to help Linn County residents rebuild their lives with dignity while providing professional leadership to rebuild Linn County for our future. That is what Linn County voters expect in these tough times. 

For Leadership, Maturity and Financial Experience….Vote Eric Rosenthal for County Supervisor.


Peter R. Teahen
Local Businessman and Humanitarian

"I have known Eric Rosenthal, in many capacities, for over 8 years. I have known him as a family man, as a citizen involved at many levels in Federal, State and local government, as a business man, as a father deeply involved in his children’s lives and finally as a personal friend. Everything he does is for his family, his community and his country and in that order. He is now taking upon himself to run for the position of 3rd District Supervisor for Linn County to help improve our local government’s operation. He has talked to me often about the things in the Linn County government that are not done as well as they could be and the things he feels he can do to improve the operations of Linn County."

"When I have talked with Eric he is very articulate in explaining his ideas that can not be adequately described in a 90 second debate answer. I think Eric will be a tireless worker on behalf of Linn County and all his actions will have a positive impact on Linn County. One little thing that I have always known about both Eric and his wife Ann, a member of the Cedar Rapids School Board, is that they will always be honest with you and in today’s government environment that is a rare quality."

Donald W. Hatfield

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"Eric is the right man for the job at the time we need maturity and experience, not youth and inexperience"
John Shaw

"Thanks for all your work in making this
a better community."

Mary and Brian

"We wish you well and our prayers are with you."
Dixie and David

"What an exciting time! Thank you for all you do."

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